Winter Car Care Basics: Three Tips to Get You Through Until Spring


There are no doubts that the winter season can be trying on vehicles of any kind, but winter can be especially hard on holiday travelers and daily commuters who face ice, snow, sleet, and wind regularly. When it comes to keeping your daily driver going through the cold months, you need to know the basics. Here are three car care tips from the experts. Follow this advice, and you’re sure to lengthen the life of your vehicle for many years of use all year round. 

Switch tires if you will be driving regularly in snow or ice. 

Those who live in anything but a mild winter climate will want to consider investing in a set of tires just for the winter season. These tires will generally come in two types: studded and non-studded. Depending on the traction level you are aiming for and the kind of road surfaces you are likely to be driving on, you can pick one of these styles. Snow tires will give you a much greater chance of being able to drive safely through invisible or visible patches of ice, along with giving your car a better grip on the surface of a snowy or wet road. 

Get winterized at your local auto care shop. 

Many car care professionals like Auto care Durham will offer a special winterizing service that goes through all the steps to get your car ready for winter, without you having to lift a finger. Depending on where you bring your vehicle, your all in one service may include a battery check, a wiper blade check and refill, a tire pressure check, a four-wheel drive test, an antifreeze check, a check and restock of your emergency supply kit, and an oil change and viscosity adjustment for the weather. 

Stock up on the equipment you’ll need.

There are certain things that make it much easier to get through a winter of driving, and if you are well stocked up before the season hits then you should be good to go. You’ll want to invest in an ice scraper or two; some people like to keep one in their house or garage and an extra in their car. If you foresee a problem with your door locks freezing, a good idea is to keep a tube at your workplace and at your house so you can get the doors unlocked in the event that they freeze.  It’s not a bad idea to keep an extra pair of gloves in your vehicle, for those coldest of winter days. 

Winter can be a beautiful and enjoyable season, but it is often hard on cars and their drivers. By taking a few precautions to safely prepare your car to transition into nature’s harshest season, you can ensure a winter of safe driving. Whether you’re commuting to work daily or you only have to drive when necessary, you’ll be glad you got your car winterized, switched over to snow tires, and stocked up on the essentials for winter car safety. 

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