Why isn’t the Replacement of a Windshield Covered by some Car Insurance?


Damage to a windshield can be both annoying and potentially dangerous if it isn’t fixed in a timely manner. Once a chip occurs it’s very easy for it to spread. If this happens when you’re driving you can see the potential dangers that may occur.

Taking all this into account it can seem unfair that windshield repair is not necessarily included on your car insurance. You should check whether this is the case when you take out your car insurance and decide whether you need any additional coverage.

Is windshield repair and replacement ever covered on my car insurance?

If you have then you are often covered for windshield issues which are always regarded as comprehensive claims. If you don’t have comprehensive car insurance then you won’t be covered for glass claims. Of course even if you have comprehensive insurance that isn’t where the considerations end. You also have to look at your deductible.

offer a zero deductible with comprehensive insurance but many people who purchase insurance opt to have a deductible in order to reduce the amount of their premiums. Sometimes this won’t affect you for a glass claim as you will still have a zero deductible for glass; you will need to check your policy. If you do have a deductible the problem you then have is if you can’t afford to pay the deductible when your windshield requires replacement.

If you can’t afford to pay the deductible you have a couple of options. You can delay getting the repair done until you have the money for the deductible but this can cause problems if the chip or crack in the windshield worsens. You can also try approaching your local glass supplier and fitter to see if they will waive the deductible. Some people will do this as they are eager to get the custom.

What are the benefits of having your windshield repaired?

If you aren’t covered for your windshield repair by your insurance, or if your deductible is high, it may be tempting to leave the repair. After all it’s only a chip and it’s not really causing any problems, right? Well it may seem that way but ; it weakens that area of your windshield. If you have a chip in your windshield in a non-acute area (an area that isn’t in front of the driver) then it’s likely it can be fixed.

If you decide to save money by not getting the repair done then this could be false economy. If the chip spreads then you can end up having to replace the entire windshield and this will be far more expensive.

If you have comprehensive insurance then you should be covered for the repair and replacement of your windshield so you will need to your insurer when any problems occur. Insurers often have their own recommended repair specialists who they will direct you to. If you opt to use another provider your coverage may be affected. Even if you are not covered you shouldn’t neglect a chipped windshield as this may end up being more costly to you in the long run.  

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