Why choose to buy a pre-owned car

pre-owned car
We all love our cars – they get us to and from work and from A to B, saving us from using that dreaded public transport that we all hate. But, purchasing a new car can be pretty expensive and we don’t all have that kind of money lying around. As a result a large number of us car lovers opt to purchase a used or pre-owned vehicle. However, there is large debate as to whether purchasing a used car is in fact beneficial at all.

Whilst buying a brand new car will ensure you have the latest gizmos and gadgets, the value of the vehicle will drop significantly after the first year and they are guaranteed to put a huge dent in our wallets. As a result, the purchase of a pre-owned car is normally at the top of everyone’s priority list and here is why:

The price

As mentioned, the price of say for example; a will be a lot cheaper than a brand new one and the quality of the engine will still be there. Also for the same price of a brand new car you may be able to buy an even better make or style – used.


As said above, the value of a brand new car drops significantly in the first 12 months, normally by around 30% – buying a used car will mean that you don’t have to worry about this. It’s plain sailing from here on out.

Certification programmes

The introduction of certification pre-owned programmes (CPO) makes buying a used car more attractive these days. The benefits of CPO include:

  • Manufacturers normally only consider used vehicles with low mileage, little or no damage and late-model for their certification programmes which means you can be guaranteed quality.
  • All vehicles involved in CPO’s go through a very rigid and strict inspection process which looks at both the mechanical and cosmetic features of the car.
  • Normally all CPO vehicles are covered by a warranty – this warranty includes the same features as that of a new car one; road side safety etc.
  • Also, quite a few manufacturers offer special financing on CPO vehicles – and normally at lower rates than other financing options.

So, with these points in favour of purchasing a used car – you can’t go wrong. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle will save you money without having to scrimp on quality.

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