What to Look for in a Commercial Van

Fiat Scudo

Are you in the market to buy a commercial van? There’s really only one place to go, Fiat Professional. Their range of vehicles is far superior to that of any other manufacturer in the UK. To prove just how well placed Fiat is on the commercial market, take a look at these top features for commercial vans.

First off, you’ll need to decide what type of van you are looking for. Lighter options include microvans and car-vans but for heavier use the type of you’ll be looking for are pick-ups or panel vans.


One thing that many drivers find a problem with large vans is the size. If you’re trying to manoeuvre down winding roads and around tight corners in towns and cities, it can be rather troublesome in a large vehicle.

The problem comes when you need plenty of cargo space, too; how can a small van offer enough space? Well, the solution has been found – the Fiat Doblo has managed to maximise the volume without altering the exterior dimensions of the van.

Cargo space

Commercial vans are usually designed to carry large loads, so having enough space is absolutely vital. It’s not all about volume though, as in many cases the shape of the loading space can have a big impact on its functionality. Sometimes vans with huge volumes of space aren’t able to carry as much as a smaller van because of the design.

Accessibility is also important; you need to be able to get into all the spaces which are available. Think about side or rear sliding doors, the width and height of the doors. These are all areas where Fiat has worked hard to improve and the is one van from the range that offers plenty of usable space. It has a height of 1449mm (standard roof) but a number of other features to maximise space, including robust floor hooks, ceiling light, 12V power point and Lineaccessori.


If you’re being entrusted to carry someone’s cargo, you don’t want to let them down. Your van has to be able to get you from A to B on time, every time. Fiat has designed a number of features which will keep maintenance to a minimum so you can guarantee reliability.


Keeping costs down is important for any tradesman or business owner so it’s essential to find a van that delivers on fuel consumption. The Fiat range is incredibly economical, with many of their vehicles offering the best miles per gallon (mpg) figure for their sector.

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