Ways to Reduce Your Minibus Insurance Costs

Minibus insurance can at times be a little expensive these days. There is however many things that you are able to do to lower your premium. By doing just a little research, and making a few small changes, there is the potential to save hundreds of pounds.

Decide to pay more voluntary excess.

When you agree to pay a , you can dramatically bring down the cost of your minibus insurance. Of course, in the event that you do make a claim, it’s going to end up costing you more, but this is an option that is worth considering.

Do what’s needed to make your minibus more secure.

You can lower your minibus insurance premiums by taking the time to make it secure as possible. All insurance companies will view your vehicle as lower-risk if it is difficult for the bad guys to steal or break into. Things you can do are fit the vehicle with a tracker, an alarm, immobiliser and park your minibus in a very secure place.

Pay your insurance premium annually.

When you pay your Minibus Insurance upfront for a year, you can save a significant amount of money. Providers always prefer to get a lump sum, so they will offer you a discount for paying annually.

Drive a smaller van

This applies to the actual physical size as well as the vehicles engine size. Reason being that a larger van with a bigger more powerful engine can cause more damage if involved in an accident, so the insurance premiums tend to be higher. If it’s possible for you to do your job with a smaller vehicle, than this is an option worth considering.

Build up your minibus no-claims bonus

For each year that goes by that you don’t make a claim, you are awarded a years-worth of ‘no-claims’ bonus. This in effect shows insurers that you are a safer driver. There are even some providers that will allow you to transfer this from your car policy to your minibus.

Consider the extras

When choosing insurance for your minibus, there is typically a long list of optional extras. Read the fine print and understand if these are really needed. Will this really benefit you in the event of a claim?

Remove expensive equipment from your minibus at night

When you leave specialist equipment or expensive tools in your vehicle at night, you make it a target for thieves. If you are able to declare to your insurance company that you van is empty at night, this can help to reduce premiums.

Always tell the truth

There may be times that you find yourself tempted to tell the occasional white lie, hoping to shave a little money off of your minibus premium. This is not a good idea. You could have a claim refused if it is found out that you lied on your policy. Worse yet, your policy could be cancelled.

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