Top 5 Tips To Consider While Buy Your First Car

5 Things To Consider When Buying Your First Car

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, buying your first car feels like an achievement. It does not matter if you do not have enough finances to buy a very expensive first car. The fact that you are buying it with your own money must be sufficient to elate your self-respect. But wait, you cannot just go and buy any car out there. Plan ahead and go through our tips to make sure you don’t waste your money on a useless vehicle.

  1. Set Your Budget

Do not spend all your savings on buying a new car since you have to account for its maintenance, fuel, and insurance as well. Also, try to pay for your first car in installments to avoid running out of money at once. Find out what is the market price of the car you want to buy and bargain with the dealer to bring it down. The best way to find price is to check an online car portal like , , etc.   

  1. Know What You Want

Depending on where you live, you might want different features in your first car. A mini truck is a better option for people living in the mountains, whereas, city people might prefer a small cozy car for easy commute. If you have a family who love to go on , an estate wagon can be a good choice. Make a list of features and accessories you want in your vehicle and show it to the dealer with your proposed price range. Understand that there is a difference between needs and wants, so if you don’t have enough money, ditch the wants and stick to the needs. Surely, you can compromise on looks but not on good gas mileage and spaciousness inside.

  1. Buy A Car With Low Insurance

Young boys and girls looking to buy a new car usually do not have enough money to get their cars insured and definitely vehicle insurance is not a cheap deal in most countries. The optimal solution in this situation is to opt for a vehicle with minimum insurance. Mostly, small cars equipped with small engines, such as, the Suzuki Swift 2017, have low insurance. In addition, a strict mileage policy also supports new car owners in meeting their insurance requirements. Another option is to add a parent in the insurance policy, but make sure your name is mentioned as the main driver otherwise, it will be considered an insurance fraud.

  1. Used Cars

Used cars are a better option for first time buyers, owing to their cheaper price tag compared to the new ones. That being said, buying a used car needs prudence. Be aware of the scams and do not buy until your mechanic gives a positive nod on its mechanical and structural health. Finally, take it for a test drive and ask the dealer about its mileage as well.

  1. Pass Your Driving Test

Of course you need to pass driving test and get driver’s license for driving. It requires you to drive responsibly, mind the speed limit, follow all traffic rules, and avoid very busy lanes during first few days. In case of any mishap on the road, make sure you have a legal advisor for counseling and support your claims. We recommend ing for legal consultancy if you have sustained a personal injury in an accident.

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