Top 5 family hatchbacks that hold their value

Volkswagen Golf

When buying a car, how well it retains its value can often take a backseat compared to comfort, safety and practicability. But, what if we told you when you buy your next family car, you can get all those things.

A car’s value can fall quite quickly, and for a starter family every penny counts, so making a purchase from our top five hatchbacks with the future in mind couldn’t be more worthwhile. We have based all current prices on a at Trusted Car Buyers versus their prices brand new… and you’ll be shocked by the results.

It’s a little-known secret that there are some neat and tidy motors that hold onto their value better than others, whilst still remaining desirable years later.

The lower medium (hatchback) sector is a particularly popular sector in the British car market; however some dip their nose ahead of the rest.

Let’s now take a look at our top five reliable family hatchbacks, and why you should invest. The new price given is for a 2011 (61-plate) versus their typical trade price now three years – based on an average mileage of 36,000 (or 12,000 per year).

5 Suzuki SX4

The plucky SX4 is a pocket-sized, affordable compact runner. With a look and shape fairly easy on the eyes, it’s hard not to see why its style and good value is a winning combination.

Beefy in nature, Suzuki offer up a well-equipped, attractively-priced car with an air of 4×4 with the practicability of a family hatchback.

New Price: £12,595    Now Price: £7,000

4 Honda Civic

In 2007, Honda brought out a generation of Civic that oozed style and image in equal measure, coupled with the Japanese brand’s legendary reliability.

All in all, it’s a beautifully crafted small family car with a boot, well, to boot! Ample storage for your long drives and locked-in value guaranteed.

New Price: £16,995    Now Price: £9,000

3 Hyundai i30

Hyundai has come up with a ride that comes smoother than its older brother – the i20 – but with bundles of comfort. With similar space to the Golf, it gives Volkswagen’s figurehead a real run for its money.

The i30 comes standard with an excellent five-year warranty, fantastic economy of 76.3mpg, meaning its one of the best value family cars on this list.

New Price: £14,605    Now Price: £8,400

2 Ford Focus RS

You might be left asking yourself what’s a high-powered RS doing in a list of the most affordable family hatchbacks? Well, firstly, you’d be right to question.

But, according to Glass’ Guide, the RS-version of one of Ford’s most famous flagship models is to be a sure-fire icon of the future.

Due to their limited supply and distinctive nature, a Focus RS sets you up for a very strong resale value.

Whilst it’s unlikely to appeal to all families, the old girl and boy racer in particularly young families will revel at the thought of landing a handy family hatchback but with sports car performance.

New Price: £24,995    Now Price: £16,000

1 Volkswagen Golf

Now, for the winner: the timeless Volkswagen Golf. The widely regarded de-facto industry-standard guide, Glass, states that the Golf is almost classless making it an acceptable compromise if stepping down from a more powerful BMW, Audi or Mercedes.

With a bit more prestige than a Focus, its effortlessly wide appeal also ensures demand is one step ahead of supply. Despite them being quite popular on the roads, very few are regularly resold comparatively.

bestowed the esteemed small family motor of the year award to the 1.4-litre model. If you needed any more convincing, 40 years after it first arrived on our shores, the Golf is still one of the most popular family cars going.

Volkswagen doesn’t stand for the “people’s car” in German for no reason.

New Price: £21,975    Now Price: £15,750

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