Tips to Help You Find Cheap SR22 Insurance in California


Do you know how to find cheap SR22 insurance in California? If you do need to file this type of coverage, then it is important that you know how to go about getting the best possible rates. If you do need cheap SR22 insurance in California, it is likely that you either have had your license suspended, or that you are at risk of having it suspended due to numerous driving law violations. Essentially, the SR22 filing proves to the DMV that you are fully insured. If you lapse on your payments, the DMV will be notified and your license will be suspended.

Why You License May Be Suspended

There are a number of reasons as to why your license may be suspended or at risk of becoming suspended. This includes:

  • A conviction for DUI or DWI
  • Having unpaid parking or driving fines
  • Causing an accident without having any insurance

After you have your license reinstated, or when you are on your final warning before suspension, you need to tell your insurance company to issue an SR22, or you can take it to your local DMV office.

How to Find SR22 Insurance

You should always start by speaking to your current insurance company. If you do need an SR22 filing, it is likely that your premiums will rise. By staying with your current provider, the premiums may not go up as quickly.

If you do have to go elsewhere, you should look for an insurance company that specializes in people like you. This is the best opportunity you have to find an affordable insurance quote. While the SR22 filing itself isn’t expensive, your new insurance will be.

Buying SR22 Insurance

It should be clear by now that SR22 is not actually a form of insurance. Rather, it is a form that proves that you have insurance. Hence, what you should look for is the best possible insurance rates on a policy that includes an SR22 filing. You need to shop around in order to achieve this, using price comparison websites and so on. You do also need to make sure what the rules of your license reinstatement say. For instance, they may demand that you have fully comprehensive insurance. You need to know this before you search for a suitable policy.

It is actually possible to find insurance coverage that is available even if you need SR22. Naturally, it will always be more expensive than regular insurance because you are classed as a high risk driver. However, this doesn’t mean you will never be able to afford insurance again. You just need to make sure that you shop around and do your research so that you find an insurance provider that can give you the best deal. Also remember how long you need the SR22, so that you can find a better insurance deal once that time period has elapsed. You will usually need the filing for between three and five years.

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