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Drive a V8 Supercar in Australia

V8 Supercar racing is an emerging touring car racing event and gaining popularity all across the world. Originally originated in Australia, V8 Supercars events now also take place in New Zealand, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. V8 Supercar events take place in all states of Australia except Western Australia and are monitored under FIA regulations. Race formats range from sprint races of 100-200 Km to Endurance Bathrust races of 1000 Km.

V8 Racing has built a great loyal following in almost all parts of the world wherever television coverage allows. The minimum weight of a V8 supercar is 1355 Kg (without driver). The 5 liter powerful V8 engine generates 620-650 bhp of power and is electronically restricted to 75,000 rpm. Every V8 car runs on run on E85 fuel consisting of 85% ethanol.

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