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Toyota Goes All In On the RAV4 EV

Toyota continues to posture itself for domination in the electric and hybrid market. Perhaps it’s part of their lateral, ‘appeal-to-them all’ marketing strategy, which seems to prioritize competition with a just as much as prominent electric car manufacturers. The forthcoming release of the Toyota RAV4 onto the market promises to make considerable waves.

While details and advanced specifications are limited at this time, we do know that the second generation of the is scheduled for a late 2012 release (with an initial limited rollout in the early part of the year that is being referred to as “phase one cars”). The new model will be utilizing Tesla Motors’ lithium metal oxide battery pack. This is according to a report that notes Toyota’s $100 million contract with its partner, which runs through 2014 and includes Tesla Motors providing electric powertrain parts. Tesla has been posturing itself as an EV technology powerhouse, which is probably good considering their only automotive offering at present time is a $60,000 Sedan. read more »



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