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What are the important features of a car insurance policy?

Car insurance policies vary greatly, depending on the different insurance retailers and the type of policy in question. It’s very important to read the terms and conditions associated with each policy before you make a final buying decision. Find out exactly what the policy will cover you for, and what the premium will cost you. By doing this, you can avoid potential financial nightmares! Also take some time out to directly compare a few different car insurance policies. read more »

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The 411 on How Your Driving Record Affects Insurance Rates

For many drivers, monthly car insurance fees can be a costly obligation. Congruent with rising costs of medical treatment and auto repairs, auto insurance premiums have steadily increased for the past several years. When considering the current state of the economy, drivers today experience an ever-growing financial stress. Luckily, there are ways to take back control of auto insurance rates. By driving smart and , car insurance can become a manageable expense.

While most people are aware that getting in an accident will result in higher insurance rates, it’s perhaps less obvious that a clean driving record can lower your rates over time. Most insurance companies offer significant discounts for drivers who have not recently had an accident, usually within three to five years. Safe driver discounts often compound to save more money with persistent accident-free driving. read more »

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Could You Pass a Driving Test?

Remember that little white book of rules you memorized before your 16th birthday, in hopes of passing your driving test? Well, our friends at Auto Insurance are giving you a chance to double check. They’ve put together a great quiz that emulates a real life driving test, and lets just say, we didn’t do so hot! Give it a try – kinda fitting its from the Auto Insurance guys – we’re guessing after you realize how much you don’t know about the rules you’ll be glad you’re covered.

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