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Dacia’s “Duster” Concept Crossover

Dacia’s first concept crossover – is proud to be different. Seen from the driver’s side, it is visibly a sporting coupé, yet passengers entering from the other side will see it as an Multi Purpose Vehicle with a traditionally opening front door and rear-hinged rear door which suggest h travelling refinement.  Duster’s height of 1.49 metres, short front and rear overhangs (65cm and 80cm respectively), generous wheelbase (2.80m) and compact volumes (4.25m long, 1.64m wide) exude an overriding sense of robustness and sports appeal.

The front end features a broad bumper with two horizontal air-intake slits that suggest power. The grille features evident Dacia styling cues and is flanked by headlamps which wrap over the front wings to form a tapering line of light that stretches rearward towards the doors. read more »


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