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Opel RAK e Concept Debuts in Frankfurt

Opel today introduced the RAK e experimental vehicle – an all-new battery-powered electric vehicle that can travel 100 kilometers (61 miles) for one euro ($1.36), weighs a third of a modern small car and can reach 120 km/h (75 mph) in less than 13 seconds.

The lightweight concept of the RAK e is based on a steel space-frame structure beneath a skin of conventional synthetic material. This allows a high level of safety as well as affordable pricing. Opel deliberately avoided the use of expensive composite materials in its lightweight-design philosophy, in order to make electric mobility affordable for as many people as possible. read more »

Concept Cars

Infiniti Releases First Image of JX Concept

Infiniti released an image of the Infiniti JX Concept this week, giving the first official glimpse at a new luxury crossover that will join the Infiniti line next Spring. Reinforcing the vehicle’s seven-passenger seating, the photo was launched at exactly 7:07 am.

Infiniti also announced the launch of the “Power of 7”, an innovative social media campaign designed to initiate conversation about the JX Concept in advance of its global reveal at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 18. read more »

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Scion Introduces FR-S Sports Coupe Concept

Scion unveiled the rear-wheel drive FR-S Concept sports coupe today at the 2011 N.Y. International Auto Show. The concept, which sets out to stimulate the souls of true driving enthusiasts, will be at the Scion display through May 1. The FR-S Concept will inspire a brand new model coming to the Scion brand the coming year.

The FR-S Concept, which is short for Front-engine,Rear-wheel drive, Sport; is Scion’s definition of a geniune rear-wheel-drive sports vehicle with compelling style, exceptionally balanced performance and handling, flexible utility and surprising MPG. read more »


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