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What you need to know about car insurance

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Insurance companies take the risk away from the car owner. If the owner has to pay for repairs or replacement of an automobile, the insurance company will make the payment based on the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. To take this risk, the insurance company will gather information and records of the car owner to determine the price and conditions they are willing to give. The car owner then decides if the cost is worth it. read more »

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5 Tips for Lower Youth Auto Insurance Rates

Many auto insurance companies consider drivers younger than 25 a higher-than-average risk for vehicle-related accidents. This high risk of teen accident and death can skyrocket your insurance rates 50 to 100 %, says Jeanne Salvatore of the Insurance Information Institute (III), and frequently translates into high teen auto insurance premiums.

But wait-don’t take away your teenager’s car keys just yet. You can save money on car insurance for young drivers when using sites like  and if your teen expends some effort and follows these tips. read more »


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