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Battle of the Audis: Audi RS5 vs Audi RS4

The German-made Audi brand of luxury cars is well known for its power on the road and its distinctive styling. The Audi RS5 and the  are two models that are typical of the performance and beauty standards of Audi. The exterior design, interior design, safety standards, and price are compared to each other in this article. You will be able to decide which model will serve you best.

Exterior Design

We will now compare the exterior design of the Audi RS5 and Audi RS4. The Audi RS4 boasts a sporty exterior that is wider to enhance performance. The front and rear bumpers absorb minor impacts of 5 mph without any major damage. Not only are the bumpers extremely useful but they also complement the exterior body.

The Audi RS5’s unique design has earned the title “Design of the Year” by Automobile Magazine. Its elegant lines make a statement of luxury styling as a classic coupe.

Interior Design

The sporty Audi RS4 with its Alcantara® and silk Nappa leather sport seats with four-way support to the lumbar region, thigh bolsters that extend, and state-of-the-art head restraints. The head restraints protect the head and neck of the front and rear occupants.

The seats are available entirely in Nappa leather or a combination of Alcantara® (a soft, suede-like fabric) and Nappa leather. Contrasting colors are available.

The 8-way adjustable sport seats in the Audi RS5 have 4-way lumbar support for the passenger as well as the driver. They are available in Nappa leather only. The interior of both models is made of the finest materials and handcrafted to perfection to give you a comfortable and luxurious ride.

Safety Standards

The  has a number of safety features in place working toward the goal of ultimate safety. Included safety features are six airbags. The driver and passenger are doubly protected with frontal collision airbags and chest-side airbags mounted to the seats. All passengers are protected by overhead airbags that inflate when signaled by a rollover sensor. The S5 is protected by six airbags as well.

The ultra strength steel body resists and high impact bumpers make the Audi S4 one of the safest cars to own. An Occupant Cell is a feature that forms a safe cocoon around the driver and passenger. This steel frame body is also available in the S5.

Both models contain a brake disc wiping system that works to provide excellent braking during wet conditions by creating a pulsing movement in the brakes. This enables the brake discs to stay dryer in wet weather.

The deciding factor in choosing between the Audi S4 and the Audi S5 is the price. The basic price for the Audi S4 is $46,375 while the Audi S5 starts at $52,400.



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