Rideshare Driving ROI: Tips for Getting Bigger and Better Tips


As a rideshare driver, you have the capability to get bigger tips, especially through services like Lyft. A lot of people have different ideas on how they can land some bigger cash from their riders. There are certain ways to become a better driver and stand out from the rest of the bunch. Taking these guiding principles to heart will allow you to make more money along the way and brighten up your riders’ day on a daily basis.

Principle Tip Guidelines

Passengers understand how tipping works. No matter what you do there are going to be times where you come across the dreaded non-tippers. That is just their way of life and nothing is going to change that. That being said, you’ll want to focus on the people who you know are going to tip generously and even more so if you do a swell job.

If you’re good, there is no need to ask for a tip for a five star rating.  You’ll get it either way; it’s needy to ask for it.

One of the first ways of getting good tips is before you even pick somebody up in your car. One of the founding principles between you getting a bigger tip is seen in what you’re driving.

People like the ease and comfort of a spacious clean car. A is a perfect example of smooth sophistication. Not only will having this car up your tip game, it’s a pleasure to drive.

Even though a lot of tipping functions are based in-app, they are sometimes difficult to use or find. Ensuring your customers best trip will get you that in-house tip. Don’t ever refuse a . There is literally nothing anyone can do about it. If they want to give you their own cash, Lyft or Uber won’t know.

Adding Value to the Trip

Be yourself when you’re out and about driving. There is nothing that beats being a genuine version of you. Try to make a connection with people and be talkative throughout the ride.

Conversely, sometimes it’s best not to say anything if the riders or single rider don’t feel like speaking. Put on some good tunes and drive them on their way. You might just get a tip for reading the situation.

There is then just being a taxi service. A lot of drivers in the rideshare community are nicer than their taxi counterparts. This is an industry that is all about customer service.

Treat your customers with respect and always add new experiences for them to have in the car. Offer to let them stop at certain locations or even supply some water and charging stations in the car.

Courtesy & Care

Above all be courteous to their needs and don’t be in a rush or make it seem like the ride is a bother. This is about driving them to their destination after all and you made the choice to be their driver. Be their driver they need and get better tips in the process.

Robert Isley became a rideshare driver last year after making a major career change to better his, and his families, life. He writes about life as a rideshare driver.

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