Why You Need Experts to Look After Your Car

It’s pretty clear that there are a lot of ways to deal with your car in this day and age. Let’s be honest, because of the amount of information available on the internet, it’s pretty clear that there are more ways than ever to learn about cars and how they work. Yes, it is important to learn a little more about your car and how it operates, but that’s not to say this is going to be a straightforward experience. read more »


Looking for a Mechanic? Make a Wise choice.

Life experience is invaluable. For many, the old adage of ‘getting what you paid for’ rings true. Yet finding quality can sometimes be a problem. A reliable car service mechanic demands your loyal patronage and the savings could be considerable.

The most recent statistics available from the Australian Government cite 101,100 people working as motor mechanics nationally. With such a supply of certified professionals, why is it sometimes so difficult to find one on whom you can rely?

Unfortunately, anecdotal horror stories are common but trustworthy businesses depend on their reputation in order to secure both repeat and new customers.

Car servicing continues to be the bane of many people’s existence as they seek a car service mechanic they can trust, along with the time flexibility required to keep cars safe and healthy amid the chaos of modern life.

Sadly, one of the biggest motivations for people when making a choice as to who will service their vehicle is often price alone. With disposable income shrinking, many have allowed their car to drop down the list of priorities when it comes to allocated finances.

We are a crazy lot, us humans. Ignoring grinding noises, lights and warning signs in some forlorn hope that they will miraculously disappear just as quickly as they came. We treat our bodies in much the same way, ignoring the aches, pains and trips to medical professionals, knowing full well that the issue will only exacerbate and potentially result in a far more serious diagnosis down the line.

As is the case with our motor vehicles. A skipped three hundred dollar service can easily become a seven hundred dollar visit the next time around and no matter how insistent our professional motor mechanic may be of that fact, many are never convinced.

The urge for the elusive cheap car service is far too strong for others; those who entrust their cars to the unproven and inexperienced. In reality, we all know the prudent decision is to engage an expert, someone able to offer efficient and reliable service at a fair price.

The real issue then becomes, deciphering one from the other. At least those searching online for a or mechanic Glenelg wide can be guaranteed at least one quality result. is the official website of Wise Auto and Gas, run by John Wise.

John has over thirty years’ experience in the industry and seventeen years ago set up the business as a mobile service, encompassing Glenelg, Brighton and Somerton Park. After substantial business growth and the need to expand, Wise Auto now has a permanent location at 51 Oaklands Road, Somerton Park.

Whether it be a basic, log book service, urgent mechanical repairs or gas requirements such as air-conditioning and LPG issues, John’s team has the knowledge, experience and common sense to deal with the vehicle itself, as well as you as a customer, and give both appropriate respect and attention.

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