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Jaguars F Type Plans Revealed

The latest Jaguar F Type has finally been revealed in its full glory at the Paris Motor show. The British car manufacturer has announced that three different models will be on the market, with orders being taken for 2013 delivery. read more »


6 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance Company

Whether you just bought a car or are looking for a new insurer, it is advisable to do your research well. Choosing the right insurance company is the best way to ensure you are covered in the event of an accident or damage. If you fail to do your homework right, you will end up with lots of disputes. This article highlights the six key points you should focus on when selecting an insurance provider.

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5 Essential Tips When Buying Your First Vacuum Truck

Whether you are buying a new or pre-owned vacuum truck, you must get the right one. But doing so means doing your homework, reading through tons of documentation, and knowing why warranties vary depending on the truck and location. And this is just the beginning. Here are a few tips to help you buy your first vacuum truck.

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