Top 5 Car Technologies that Improve Fuel Economy

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Fuel economy has now become the most significant concern of consumers as well as automakers across the globe. This can be attributed primarily to the increasing gas prices in international markets. In addition to this, governments are also pushing automakers to develop ‘green’ technologies to save the environment, which can only be achieved by producing vehicles with low carbon emissions. read more »


How Recalls Work


It seems like in recent years the news has been full information about recalls. Not just automotive recalls, but pet foods, produce, children’s toys, and even something as innocuous as peanut butter. But perhaps the ones that tend to capture our attention the most are the automotive recalls, which is understandable. After all, we might not all have children or pets, and we don’t all eat peanut butter, but every one of us has some kind of with an automobile on a daily basis, either as drivers, pedestrians, or passengers. Also, when people buy cars they expect them to be safe, especially if they have families. When things go wrong with a car, they can be potentially deadly to a lot of people, beyond just the person behind the wheel.

Below is an explanation of how automotive recalls work, and what you should do if you get a recall notice. read more »

Luxury Cars

Land Rover – The Vanishing Game By William Boyd

There is no vehicle on earth like a Land Rover. And there is no writer who can spin an adventure like William Boyd. Born in Ghana, West Africa, the British author is no stranger to expanse and wilderness. His novels have always created tales of suspense and adventure. His characters are journeyman, escaping and conquering in the face of innumerable odds. In his latest, The Vanishing Game, Boyd illuminates the ethos of Land Rover: rugged individualism, reliability, performance. read more »

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