The History of Land Rover

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover marked its 65th anniversary this April with the introduction of the Defender LXV special edition. Since its birth in 1948, Land Rover has developed from producing aluminum-clad work vehicles like the Series I to lavish luxury cars like the latest Range Rover Evoque. read more »

Concept Cars

Allroad concept car by Audi Prologue

audi prologue allroad

Audi is previewing its wagon of the future with the debut of a gorgeous concept. A set of official design sketches of the Prologue allroad Concept, the all terrain version of Audi’s estate concept has been revealed. read more »


3 reasons to get a personalised number plate

personalised number plate

Personalised number plates are an instantly recognisable addition to any vehicle. Though they tend to be most commonly spotted on the cars and bikes of celebrities, the sheer range of license plates available make them accessible for everyone. read more »

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