Top 5 Driving Fails

Passing your driving test is a definite win, it is your ticket to complete freedom and independence after all. But it is that moment, as soon as the laminated card is handed to you, that you decide what kind of driver you want to be. It is important to strive for driving perfection, even after your test.

Spoiler Alert: While some of these clips are considered entertaining, please view them as educational rather than as a homage to poor driving. We believe that car crashes are no laughing matter and have compiled these examples to show why you should always drive safely.


1) Not only is this attempt to put James Bond to shame extremely embarrassing, the driver makes things worse by failing in his attempt to flee the scene. Apparently, having a flash car does not give you the power of flash driving.

2) The snow. The speed. The overtaking. There is nothing in this video that we can see as good driving. It was a definite near miss and an exceedingly lucky one at that!

3) For those of you who ever wondered what would happen if a bus tried to make it under a low bridge – you are welcome! Thankfully this was a test, so there were no lives at risk.

4) Here is the reason why multiple trips to get a job done may sometimes be the best option. Next time, we recommend throwing on some tunes and singing your way through your task. A little Disney – perhaps, a lot of fun – definitely.

5) Finally this one isn’t a fail but rather a very close call – the driver was a professional and his speedy reactions are all down to his driving skills.

Perhaps if these drivers had been taught the values behind responsible driving they would not be a Youtube laughing stock judged by many. LearnDrive in Blackpool offers intensive driving courses for a variety of abilities, getting you road-ready in as many of seven days! Believing in road safety, they can help you become a driver that is ready for anything – like the guys in this video. You don’t need to put others at risk to become a driving sensation! Enjoy yourselves, but stay safe!

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