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Honda Confirms RC213V-S for 2016

Honda RC213V S

Honda today confirmed that the revolutionary RC213V-S is to be sold as a premium 2016 model, with a limited number set to be made available to U.S. customers. Every sport bike enthusiast has dreamt of climbing aboard a MotoGP™ machine and experiencing firsthand these bikes’ exceptional engineering and performance, but with rare exceptions, only top-echelon racers have had that opportunity—until now. With the RC213V-S, a fortunate few will have the chance to purchase what is essentially a pure MotoGP weapon, with only minimal changes for a street application. read more »


Autonomous Vehicles: The Moral Decision

Recently there has been a lot of talk of self-driving cars and the influence that these innovative new pieces of technology will have on society. Although Google’s goal was to create a driverless car that would solve all motoring problems, there are a few moral issues that may end up causing more problems than needed. This, of course, is all part of the research, but begs the question, “Will a computer make a better driver than a human being?”

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4 Simple Steps To Follow When Selling Your Car

Handover of car keys in a dealership
Handover of car keys in a dealership

If you’re planning on selling your set of wheels with a private sale, there are some basic guidelines all sellers should follow to ensure the biggest pool of potential buyers and the best price possible. At the end of the day, whether it’s a house, car, boat or tractor, all sellers want the sales process to be as smooth as possible. For second-hand selling success, look no further than these four simple steps. read more »

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