New Supercar that has 1800 BHP – Yes Please!

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For a car company that has only sold a modest 150 cars ever since its inception, Koenigsegg has a few models in its range at any given time. Take for example the current range that consists of the Agera R, Agera S and One 1, with two more cars to be introduced in the next year, namely the Agera RS and the Regera. Regera as the company claims is a Swedish transitive verb, which means ‘to reign, rule or govern’, and if this doesn’t raise eyebrows, this model is claimed to be a Megacar rather than any hypercar or supercar. Think more dragster that can go round corners than a Bugatti Veyron alternative. read more »

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Airflow and Ventilation Systems on Automotive Paint Booths


To make sure any new paint job looks as clean as possible, the last thing you want is to wait hours for the surface to dry. The longer the paint stays wet, the greater the chance for something to come along and ruin your work. Even more importantly, you want to make sure you don’t start a fire or make the air in your shop too toxic to breathe. So, it is important to have an that is not only properly isolated but also has the right . read more »

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