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3 tips to fix your ailing banger


Your motor has sat in the garage for months, festering indoors like a rusted anachronism. The exhaust has packed in, the seats are flea-bitten and the steering wheel is about as reliable as Bambi on an ice rink. It looks like someone’s tried to put Herbie out of his misery, but just clipped his wing mirrors instead.

But let’s not consign your rusty banger to the scrapheap quite yet. Even under the most ravaged hood there sits an engine begging to be revved back into life.

Whether it’s a boxy Vauxhall Nova, a burnt-out beamer or a clapped-out Corvette, we’ve assembled a few tips to put some speed back into your vehicle. read more »


How to Protect Your Car from Rust this Winter

The colder winter months are almost upon us, and for drivers, it is a time where looking after their car has never been more essential. Cold climates can take their toll on cars, and during the winter months it’s easy for rust to develop on the bodywork of your car that could result in being costly to repair. However, the good news for those worried about their car’s bodywork rusting is that there are a number of ways in which you prevent it from happening in the first place. If you want to prevent your car from rusting this winter, read on for these top tips.

car rust read more »


Why drunk driving is a BAD idea?

Traffic Accident

Millions of people do it every day, or mostly at night. Just because you’ve somehow managed to get home and into bed without killing yourself or someone else, doesn’t mean that drinking and driving is safe.

In fact, most people tend to ignore the real consequences of drunk driving until something bad happens to them or their loved ones. And for those who wonder what all the fuss is about, here are a few reasons that you should never drink and drive. read more »

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