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TMS and Titanium Benefit the Auto Racing Industry

TMS Titanium has a special place in its heart for the racing industry. After receiving quality assurance certifications in 2009, they reached out to those industries that could benefit from a true and stable titanium supplier. The auto racing industry was one of those and neither has looked back since.

Titanium has many properties that make it valuable to industries such as racing, aerospace and even the medical industry.

Used alone or with other materials, titanium can make strong, corrosion resistant parts that are durable under pressure and of lighter weight than before. These properties lead to new designs because what was considered unfeasible no longer poses a problem. read more »

Sports Cars

Tips to Help You Find Cheap SR22 Insurance in California


Do you know how to find cheap SR22 insurance in California? If you do need to file this type of coverage, then it is important that you know how to go about getting the best possible rates. If you do need cheap SR22 insurance in California, it is likely that you either have had your license suspended, or that you are at risk of having it suspended due to numerous driving law violations. read more »


How to customise your car and go easy on your wallet

customise your car

For most of us a car is more than just a means of getting around. So it’s natural that every once in a while our thoughts turn to making our cars that little bit better, whether it’s under the bonnet or in a more visible way. However, just getting a decent vehicle can max out the finance. So here is a guide to the Very Cheap, Cheap and Not-bank-breaking ways you can improve your car’s look and its performance. read more »

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