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The new smoking ban and why it makes sense

A new law has been passed in England and Wales, which prohibits both driver and any subsequent passengers to smoke in a car that’s carrying children. As the new law was introduced, vehicle owners were warned that they could incur a £50 penalty fee if they are found to be in breach of the legislation. However, police are taking a relaxed attitude to the recent changes and have stated they don’t intend to be overly confrontational about the matter just yet. Under the newly recommended regulations, smokers who insist on puffing, can still be fined even if they have their windows rolled down. read more »

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AutoPortal’s take on what makes Audi Q3 the most loved entry-level premium SUV

Inarguably one of the most popular and most selling premium SUVs in India, has paved the path to Audi’s zenith in domestic market. For some reason SUVs are doing better than sedans, which were earlier longed by many, however the abrupt shift in customer buying behaviour has brought SUVs in the fore front. Moreover, the onset of entry level SUVs has given a thrill of owing large spaced five and even seven seater UVs at an affordable price. Not that these premium SUVs come at a dirt low price, but they are indubitably priced lesser than the usual luxury cars that cost high. And with the induction of such entry level SUVs reach of brand has widened, those who dreamt of buying luxury badged cars can very well drive home Audis and BMWs. That said, on the price quotient Audi’s Q3 is way more affordable than closest rivals. Here is what makes Q3 a viable offering for Indian customer base. read more »

Sports Cars

3 tips to fix your ailing banger


Your motor has sat in the garage for months, festering indoors like a rusted anachronism. The exhaust has packed in, the seats are flea-bitten and the steering wheel is about as reliable as Bambi on an ice rink. It looks like someone’s tried to put Herbie out of his misery, but just clipped his wing mirrors instead.

But let’s not consign your rusty banger to the scrapheap quite yet. Even under the most ravaged hood there sits an engine begging to be revved back into life.

Whether it’s a boxy Vauxhall Nova, a burnt-out beamer or a clapped-out Corvette, we’ve assembled a few tips to put some speed back into your vehicle. read more »

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