Things You Have to Do After an Auto Accident

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The car industry estimates that you’ll file an accident claim once every 17.9 years (if you’re an average driver). Statistically speaking, that’s approximately three to four accidents in your lifetime. It’s important that you know exactly what to do should an accident occur because, although there’s no guarantee you’ll be in an accident, statistically speaking you probably will be. read more »


The Benefits of Switching to Synthetic Motor Oil

motor oi; change

in spite of all the technological advances in the auto industry. Consumers can choose from three basic varieties: conventional, synthetic blend, and synthetic. read more »


Ford Car Made From Marijuana Fiber


We may believe that our ethanol and biodiesel “flex-fuel” frameworks are all exceptionally front line, however biofuel improvement is obviously just the same old thing new. Path back in the 1930’s, Henry Ford was working diligently in the alt-fills segment, and in 1941 he developed a hemp-powered and hemp-bodied model auto. The “plastic” body boards were made out of 70% cellulose filaments, including mechanical hemp, blended with a sap fastener, and obviously they were really strong.

Marijuana because disallowed in the twentieth century was to stifle hemp fuel and fiber generation, which is economical to make and actually decentralized, with the goal that little gatherings of individuals could benefit from the capital serious petrochemical choices that command our political procedure and economy today.

Hemp and weed both originate from the same plant, cannabis sativa, which is the Latin, natural name.

Have you been thinking about getting into the ? Learn how to open a dispensary in Washington or one of the other states that have legalized it.

Hemp is the fiber from the stalks and stems and the sterile seeds, while weed is the leaves, blossoms and feasible seeds. A few individuals trust that hemp with a low THC substance is one plant groups, and that it turns into an alternate plant, pot, when the THC level in the cannabis plant goes above 0.3 percent, yet it is truly the same plant. It is truly about fuel, fiber and the manufactured subversion of the regular cycle. Medications are just a smokescreen. Marijuana restriction has dependably been about cash, power, and control.

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