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What are the most important things to consider when buying a used car?

While we all aspire to buy new cars and vehicles, the price of these models can be prohibitive (depending on precisely what you have in mind). This is why so many of us choose to browse the used market for high quality alternatives, purchasing our favourite vehicles for dramatically reduced prices. Quality is also far easier to find in the contemporary, used car market, with established dealers such as providing a greater range of vehicles and improved regulations. read more »

Sports Cars

Your Guide to High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility safety gear

High-visibility safety gear is an integral part of many people’s workday. Whether they labor outdoors, at night, or in high-risk situations, making themselves easier to see can make all the difference in avoiding injury. In fact, high-vis gear is so important that federal laws requiring workers to don it now affect employees in a wide range of professions. Fortunately, the options for safety equipment are expanding as well. Here’s a look at some facets of selecting high-visibility clothes. read more »


3 Ways to Limit the Price of Depreciation on New Cars

new car

The moment you drive a new car off of the forecourt it automatically loses approximately 10% of its value. Depreciation in the car market is rife and most new car buyers are expected to make a loss on their car every year for at least the first five years. With depreciation such a negative and predictable aspect of buying a new car, what can you do to avoid it? read more »

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