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Your Guide to High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility safety gear

High-visibility safety gear is an integral part of many people’s workday. Whether they labor outdoors, at night, or in high-risk situations, making themselves easier to see can make all the difference in avoiding injury. In fact, high-vis gear is so important that federal laws requiring workers to don it now affect employees in a wide range of professions. Fortunately, the options for safety equipment are expanding as well. Here’s a look at some facets of selecting high-visibility clothes. read more »


3 Ways to Limit the Price of Depreciation on New Cars

new car

The moment you drive a new car off of the forecourt it automatically loses approximately 10% of its value. Depreciation in the car market is rife and most new car buyers are expected to make a loss on their car every year for at least the first five years. With depreciation such a negative and predictable aspect of buying a new car, what can you do to avoid it? read more »

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10 Tips On Selling Your Car For More

sell car

 1.Take Stunning Pictures
Having good-looking pictures of your car in an online listing provides the highest return on investment of your time and money. Craigslist car listings with professional-like photos on average  sold 25% faster, generate 40% more test drive requests and have 50% more likelihood of being sold above KBB price in the private market. Think about online dating, it is somehow similar. read more »

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