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The Costs Involved when Running a Car: What you Need to Know

running car

When you’ve finally secured yourself a vehicle the chances are you’ll probably already have paid out a significant amount of money as a down payment – particularly on new cars. What’s more if you have a payment or finance plan you’ll again have this to add into the mix. read more »

Sports Cars

We Are Diesel Care


We at are the number one source for your diesel engine needs. We are the number one diesel engine supplier of refurbished and rebuilt diesel engines in the US. We recently finished our brand new eighteen thousand square foot facility, furnished with the latest technology in diesel mechanics. Located at 3901 Thomas Street, Memphis TN, and serve the wider Memphis community. You can also locate us online, via our social media pages on , as well as access our blog as The blog will keep you up to date with the latest in diesel mechanics and technology. We can also be reached via email and telephone. Our brand new website, is also there to assist you in ing us for your diesel engine needs. Our various social media pages always offer specials for followers as well as updated content on products. We have a state of the art facility, where we take advantage of the latest in technology to bring you the best in diesel engines and accessories. Our staff are fully trained and expert in the field of diesel mechanics. Let our staff assist you today, with all your diesel engine needs. We are committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. read more »


Older Drivers on Our Roads: Denial in the Face of an Aging Danger

aged drivers

It seems like a page out of an ageism how-to manual, yet getting aged drivers off the road has more to do with the safety and benefit of all and less to do with a person’s age or ‘senior’ age bracket.  As a person ages, they have trouble with reflexes, hearing, eyesight, and more.  While slower reflexes and poor eyesight poses a threat to the well being of elders, seniors who are behind the wheel put themselves and others at risk. read more »

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