Older Drivers on Our Roads: Denial in the Face of an Aging Danger

aged drivers

It seems like a page out of an ageism how-to manual, yet getting aged drivers off the road has more to do with the safety and benefit of all and less to do with a person’s age or ‘senior’ age bracket.  As a person ages, they have trouble with reflexes, hearing, eyesight, and more.  While slower reflexes and poor eyesight poses a threat to the well being of elders, seniors who are behind the wheel put themselves and others at risk. read more »


Traffic Fatalities by the Numbers: Are Our Roads Getting Riskier?

traffic fatalities

It’s tough turning on the news or sitting in front of a computer anymore without reading or hearing global tales of whoa. Stories of war, famine, and debates over political correctness receive second place mention right after favorite celebrity break-up scandals. And yet, most Americans’ lives aren’t personally affected by any of those issues on a daily basis.    read more »

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Growing auto debt in the US

auto debt

What exactly is happening?

There is substantially more interest among US citizens to purchase motor vehicles than were the case a couple of years ago. This is also leading to substantially more motor vehicle debt than ever before in the history of the US. There are some economists who have compared the current booming vehicle loan industry to the mortgage industry just before the recession. Debts resulting from motor vehicle loans is now exceeding $1 trillion. The average loan amount per US citizen has also increased sharply to just below $30,000 which is a significant increase from those in previous years. Considerably more US citizens are now very interested in the motor vehicle market and many of them apply for motor vehicle loans. Because of the rising motor vehicle prices an increasing number of people will require loans to finance that purchases. One of the factors which is contributing to the increases in motor vehicle sales is the fact that gasoline prices is significantly lower and therefore people have more money to spend on the vehicle loan repayments. Apparently over 60 million new vehicles was registered in 2014. read more »

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