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Volkswagen Jetta & Golf: 6 Performance Parts Modifications to Consider

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Performance enthusiasts are starting to take a liking to the Volkswagen Jetta and Golf. If you’ve taken a glimpse on the internet, you’ll find that the Jetta and Golf are the most popular Volkswagen models to tune-up and upgrade with aftermarket performance parts and systems. From pavement-shredding race cars with suspension, brakes and engine parts upgrades to what appears to be exotic mobile artwork with new lights and body kits upgrades, auto enthusiasts are getting creative in how they soup up their cars. If you’re thinking about ramping up your VW, whether for aesthetics, handling or top speed, we’ve outlined a list of beneficial upgrades and modifications that are worth every penny. read more »


How To Do What’s Right After A Car Accident

With the sheer number of cars on the roads today, and the large amount of time that people spend travelling road accidents are inevitable. Best-practices in modern road safety strategies focus on preventing serious injury and death from vehicle crashes despite human fallibility. The data from racing also helps to improve the safety, good portion of the safety in a road car does come from analysis which goes post the races. Many racing car teams such as Ferrari, Renault, Mclaren, Chip Ganassi Racing, HScott Motorsports, Los Angeles eSports Team, Hillman-Circle Sport LLC, Team XTREME Racing from F1 and Nascar make the data available so that car makers can make use of this data. read more »


How to Find a Reliable Used Car at a Car Supermarket

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Whether it is for yourself or somebody else; car shopping can be a stressful experience. It is a large and important investment, but it should also be viewed as an exciting period and the stress can be reduced greatly if you know what you are looking for. For those looking to purchase a reliable used car, a car supermarket is a great place to start. Not only do they offer a great discount, but all the cars on display must go through rigorous checks. Before you head out to your local specialist, here are a few handy tips to help you find not only a terrific used car, but also a great deal. read more »

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