Rideshare Driving ROI: Tips for Getting Bigger and Better Tips


As a rideshare driver, you have the capability to get bigger tips, especially through services like Lyft. A lot of people have different ideas on how they can land some bigger cash from their riders. There are certain ways to become a better driver and stand out from the rest of the bunch. Taking these guiding principles to heart will allow you to make more money along the way and brighten up your riders’ day on a daily basis. read more »

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Unparalleled Limousine Experience As Kevin Devoto Works With Uber In California


California is home to some of the largest enterprises including the $11-billion motion picture industry and the tech industry in Silicon Valley and takes its place on the world stage as a financial and cultural hub. As the region’s economy The Kevin Devoto Limo Service has the distinction of being Miami’s preferred go-to limousine and private conveyance company and has expanded its operations to the Golden State, teaming up with international transportation giant Uber. The move is a significant step forward for the Miami enterprise with its world-class limo services. read more »


Driving the Big Rig: Top Apps for Truckers with Little Time and Lots of Travel


Long hauls and cross-country routes can put a heavy burden on truck drivers: they need to reach their destination as quickly and as efficiently as possible to save time and money, only to get ready for the next trip. This leaves them little time to stare at their phones and find the apps that can help pass the time and make their drives easier. read more »

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