Sports Cars

Eagle Talon: Sports Coupe Car from Mitsubishi and Chrysler


Eagle Talon is the name of a popular sports car manufactured by Diamond Star Motors, a joint venture between Chrysler and Mitsubishi from the year 1990 till 1998. It was easy to spot an Eagle Talon on road during the 90s because of its two color tone body. Irrespective of the color of the body of the car, the roof, the pillars, and the mirrors mounted on the doors were always black in color. Out of the 5 automobiles that this JV manufactured, it was only Eagle Talon that became a commercial success. Crazy fans still remember the beauty, the looks, and the powerful feeling that it gave to the owner when driving this car in the city or the highway. Among predatory birds, it is the eagle that is regarded as having the most powerful grip. Eagle Talon the car is also loved by the owners because of its grip over the road. read more »

Sports Cars

Dealer Chat Works but Your Sales Team Doesn’t Have the Time

Live dealer chat is a great web tool that more car dealerships are using than ever before, but not all of them offer the same level of service. Car salespeople are some of the hardest working sales professionals around, and they’re already strapped for time, which means in house chat solutions are typically ineffective tools. Consumers demand answers right away, and failing to respond within even a minute leads to a dead end, not to mention dissatisfied comments like, “Are you even there?”

That’s why the new focus is on fully managed chat services, where online liaisons in third-party call centres field all inquiries made through your website. Your inventory is integrated into custom-written, dynamic scripts for your dealership to satisfy your customers’ demands for relevant content and product information.

Off-hour phone calls and online queries are another reason you, as a dealership owner, should consider bringing on board a managed chat service, because while you can find tools that allow you to answer queries on your mobile, you can’t expect your salespeople to be on 24/7. A good auto salesperson already dedicates hours of their evenings and weekends to closing the deal, working promotional events, and following up on leads, but you won’t be able to get quality customer service from a team that’s chronically overworked. A managed service is online and on the phone 24/7, and some, like Gubagoo, also pick up your overflow calls during your business hours, so you never miss a chance at a sale.


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Rideshare Driving ROI: Tips for Getting Bigger and Better Tips


As a rideshare driver, you have the capability to get bigger tips, especially through services like Lyft. A lot of people have different ideas on how they can land some bigger cash from their riders. There are certain ways to become a better driver and stand out from the rest of the bunch. Taking these guiding principles to heart will allow you to make more money along the way and brighten up your riders’ day on a daily basis. read more »

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