Driving the Big Rig: Top Apps for Truckers with Little Time and Lots of Travel


Long hauls and cross-country routes can put a heavy burden on truck drivers: they need to reach their destination as quickly and as efficiently as possible to save time and money, only to get ready for the next trip. This leaves them little time to stare at their phones and find the apps that can help pass the time and make their drives easier. read more »


Tips for City Drivers on Protecting Your Car


Dents and Dings

If you are commuting or parking in the city, or anywhere really, you are bound to come across a situation where your can get dinged. read more »


Dash Cam Smarts: How A Dash Cam Could Get you Out of a Tight Spot


Dash cams along with other video related and sensor-based equipment are becoming must haves for any new car. In fact most vehicles are coming equipped with this very technology, many times being required by the government to do so. We’re living in an age where an accident or kind of road problem can be solved by the assistance of video, taking out any hearsay. read more »

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