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Too Tired to Drive: Smart and Safe Tips for Sleeping in Your Car

If you’ve ever almost succumbed to road hypnosis, you know what a frightening thing it is. Long distance road riders understand that driving sleepy can be as deadly as driving under the influence. Sometimes, a roadside siesta is exactly what you need. read more »

Sports Cars

Six Urban Myths about your MOT

It costs quite lot to run a car so the last thing you want is to do repeat MOT tests when yours fails for something that could have been avoided. Here we help to unravel the urban myths you may have heard about having an MOT, including standards of testing, prices of tests and what is and isn’t tested. read more »


Top three things to remember when moving abroad

Over the years, I’ve met many people that have moved abroad in search of sunny pastures new. Some are looking for a new adventure, while others are hoping to spend the remainder of their lives in warmer climates living a better quality of life. Whatever your reasons may be, if you’re thinking of moving abroad then there are a few key things you should remember… read more »


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