Sports Cars

Audi R8 GT: Lighter, Faster, Stronger

The R8 high-performance sports car has been a winner from the very beginning. This applies to both the production models, winners of the “World Performance Car” Award in 2008 (R8) and in 2010 (R8 V10), and to the race car, the R8 LMS, which won 23 races in its first season and claimed three championships. The genes of the race version are now coming to the street – in the R8 GT. The exclusive series is limited to 333 units. Each R8 GT has a badge with its production number on the shift lever knob. read more »

Passenger Cars

Toyota Takes a Beating

The immense wave of controversy, now in its second month, over alleged unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles is having impacting consumer sentiment negatively, according to market research firm Decision Analyst. 

Toyota has become less appealing to 53 percent of Americans, while at the same time 29 percent of Americans view Ford as having increased its appeal. Those were key findings contained in the firm’s New Vehicle Brand Barometer Study of 4,294 American consumers. 

Those are the “high-line” results, and less apparent are the competitive eddies swirling around all automotive brands today that are also impacting the scene. In addition to Ford, Chevrolet and Honda have also gained stature with the consumer populace over the past few years, and Chrysler joined Toyota as the only other net loser. (Chrysler’s loss was not nearly on the magnitude of Toyota’s fall from grace.) read more »


2011 Audi Q7 Get Several Updates

The Q7 is the large Audi for the sporty individualist – the high-performance SUV for sport, leisure, family and business. Now Audi has made it even more powerful and efficient, with a choice of three new V6 engines and an 8-speed tiptronic transmission.

Even more power, even higher efficiency: Audi has revised the engine lineup for the Q7. The two gasoline engines, both V6 units but with different power outputs, are new, and so is the second-generation V6 TDI. A mighty V8 diesel completes the range. All the engines for the Q7 combine two technologies: forced induction and direct fuel injection. A high-performance recuperation system that recovers energy during braking is also a standard item with all six- and eight-cylinder engines.

The new 3.0 TFSI gasoline engine embodies Audi’s downsizing strategy: replacing engine displacement with supercharging. Within the 90-degree angle formed by its cylinder blocks there is an engine-driven supercharger that compresses the intake air. Two charge-air intercoolers prevent the air temperature from rising, so that the engine draws in more oxygen for the combustion process. Vigorous thrust and spontaneous throttle response make the 3.0 TFSI engine, with its sonorous note, an ideal source of power for the large high-performance SUV from Audi. read more »

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