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Best Features of the Future Cars

Car industry is progressing at a rapid pace with consumer demand rising in most parts of the world. To cater to different buyers, automakers are creating all types of vehicles. From entry level cars featuring just basic functions to highly advanced luxury cars with autonomous driving capabilities, there is a car for everyone. But what should we expect from the wheels of future? has answered this question through an infographic.

According to the research of the parking website, future cars will be fully autonomous and environment friendly. They may have safety sensors, biometric vehicle access, advanced cameras, theft protection, energy storing body panels and so on. The interiors will be fully connected to the internet with apps and health monitoring systems giving you information like heart rate and blood pressure. A lot of these features are already being introduced in the high-end vehicles, but a lot needs to be done to bring them in mainstream cars. read more »

Sports Cars

Tips for Staying Within the Speed Limit

Everyone can make mistakes, especially when driving, and if you’ve recently been prosecuted for speeding, or if you’ve just got your licence back after a ban, you may be worrying about speeding again. read more »


How to Care for Your Car in Any Weather

Priority number one is your car. Getting out on the open road and enjoying a cruise is the perfect day for you. Of course, upkeep on your vehicle can be a little more frustrating. Maintaining a shiny paint job and sound mechanics require more attention than racing through the back roads by your house. Keep in mind that you’re not the only one who has to preserve a set of wheels though. Whether you’re in a cold, wet environment or a hot, dry one, there are plenty of car enthusiasts in similar situations that have figured out how to beat the system. And, good news, it’s easier than you think. read more »

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