What Traits Do All Lincoln Drivers Share

No matter what brand or model of automobile it is, everyone’s car says something about who they are, what they value, and how they want others to see themselves. Lincoln, a classic luxury brand, is no different, and its drivers are a breed apart. These are the traits that Lincoln drivers all share, whether they know it or not. read more »

Sports Cars

A Review of the 2017 Suzuki Swift

The new 2017 Suzuki Swift, in a nutshell, is lower, shorter, and wider than any previous model. But there is far more to this vehicle than that. There is far more to it, as well, than the fact that some 127,000 Suzuki’s Swifts are on the UK roads nowadays. The key thing to know about the Swift is that it has the highest conversion rates of all vehicles in the country, and that truly is something to boast about. read more »


Why Financing A Used Vehicle Is The Smartest Way To Go

Whether you are a first-time new car buyer or your car has gone kaput, when it’s time to get a new car, you have a pretty big decision to make. A car can cost you a considerable amount depending on what you are in the market for. The newest trend in car buying is to purchase used cars. Thanks to things like certified pre-owned cars and the guarantees that they can come with, you aren’t in the same high risk “buyer-beware” dark as could have been the case in the past. But with as low as it is, sometimes it is a difficult decision to make — new or used? read more »

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