Passenger Cars

What is Car Finance?

A prospective car buyer has the option to pay in full, lease or finance the purchase. Upfront payments are very high and often open the buyer at risk from having depleted savings in the near future. Leasing has certain benefits and downsides depending on a buyer’s business and tax situation. In contrast to up-front buying and leasing, car financing is very common. A loan for the car purchase is generated. The car buyer makes regular payments on the loan, much as with a home or education loan.  read more »

Passenger Cars

2013 – Unlucky For Some!

Personalised number plates are controversial things, as speaker John Bercow found when he raised a few eyebrows with his extravagant purchase of B13 RCO for his Land Rover Freelander in October. However, his plate is certainly not the first to have set tongues wagging. read more »

Passenger Cars

What’s the Best Car for First-time Drivers?

Getting a car for a newly qualified driver is a tricky issue. Statistics show that most car accidents involve young male drivers, and most of the time they’ve been shown to drive used cars more than ten years old.

While it’s rare for a new driver to buy a brand new car, they should still look out for the best deals and the best cars that are most appropriate for them. It can be a hard thing, as you have to consider financing, too. You can review the best car loans online here, if you need suggestions.

We’ve come up with a list for you to peruse of what we think are the best cars for first-time drivers. read more »

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