Passenger Cars

How to Choose Economical Hire Cars

Business owners up and down the UK are looking for ways to reduce their expenditure on all manner of things, including transport. After all, it can cost a lot of money to pay employees for their mileage and provide a fleet of company cars.

Among the best ways for firms to reduce the amount they spend on vehicles each year is to choose models that are economical to run, as this could save money in more ways than one.

But where do you start if you want to find the most economical cars on the roads? Here’s a brief guide to help get you on the right track. read more »

Passenger Cars

Buying your first Second Hand Car

Road tax, insurance, MOT and servicing are just a few of the costs associated with owning and running a car. Putting a car on the road is arguably one of the biggest expenditures after taking out a mortgage. And that’s before mentioning petrol prices continuing to soar at alarming rates. Public transport isn’t a particularly preferable alternative with train fares also being sky high and overcrowded. read more »

Passenger Cars

Acura Debuts 2014 RLX Sedan

Acura took the wraps off its all-new 2014 RLX luxury-performance sedan – the most powerful, spacious, and technologically advanced Acura sedan, ever. In keeping with the Man-Machine Synergy direction of the Acura brand, the RLX utilizes an all-new direct-injection engine, lightweight body structure, and the first-ever application of Acura Precision All-Wheel Steer to deliver a new and dynamic driving experience unlike that of any other luxury performance sedans. The next-generation AcuraLink cloud-based connected car system makes its debut on the new RLX, offering a broad range of convenience, entertainment and security features. read more »

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