Cadillac Creates V-Series Performance Playground

Cadillac V Academy

This month marked the public opening of the Cadillac V-Series Academy at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club, where enthusiasts can register for one- and two-day immersions to learn the finer points of high performance driving in the Cadillac CTS-V.

The sprawling automotive playground outside Las Vegas features more than four miles of racetrack and 125 feet of elevation change. The V-Series Academy at Spring Mountain curriculum will continuously challenge participants with a blend of car control exercises and on-track performance driving, tailored to explore the capabilities of Cadillac’s V-Series family. read more »

Passenger Cars

Going Economical With Your Car


When looking for your next car, there are understandably quite a few factors to consider. Whilst it’s tempting to purely look at the specifications and details, such as the top speed and acceleration, sometimes you need to be a bit more practical and look at the financial side of things. read more »


Cars are Getting Connected

Car Cockpit

More and more people who want new cars also want to be connected to the Internet. Wi-Fi is becoming standard in new vehicles. According to IMS Research, Wi-Fi in new vehicles expected to increase eightfold in the next six years in Europe and North America. American car maker Ford expects to have Wi-Fi in at least 80% of their new vehicles .

The cellular phone company giant, Nokia, also hosts the Car Connectivity Consortium to better enhance and promote Wi-Fi in vehicles. In 2012, 11 companies attended the Consortium to plan what exciting new features customers can do with their car’s Wi-Fi, such as  or diagnose car problems.  read more »

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