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Going Economical With Your Car


When looking for your next car, there are understandably quite a few factors to consider. Whilst it’s tempting to purely look at the specifications and details, such as the top speed and acceleration, sometimes you need to be a bit more practical and look at the financial side of things. read more »


Cars are Getting Connected

Car Cockpit

More and more people who want new cars also want to be connected to the Internet. Wi-Fi is becoming standard in new vehicles. According to IMS Research, Wi-Fi in new vehicles expected to increase eightfold in the next six years in Europe and North America. American car maker Ford expects to have Wi-Fi in at least 80% of their new vehicles .

The cellular phone company giant, Nokia, also hosts the Car Connectivity Consortium to better enhance and promote Wi-Fi in vehicles. In 2012, 11 companies attended the Consortium to plan what exciting new features customers can do with their car’s Wi-Fi, such as  or diagnose car problems.  read more »


2013 Ford Fusion Energi Gets Range of 620 Miles

2013 Ford Fusion Energi

Already Ford’s most fuel-efficient sedan, the all-new Fusion Energi now has an EPA-rated total range of up to 620 miles and the ability to drive up to 21 miles in electric-only mode, nearly triple the electric-only range of plug-in hybrids from Toyota and Honda.

With its 620 mile range, the new Fusion Energi can travel from Boston to Virginia Beach on one tank of gas and one full charge or traverse the West Coast’s scenic Highway 101 from Sacramento to San Diego. read more »

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