How to Find Your Vehicle’s Tyre Size

Do I fill up with petrol or diesel? Where’s the latch to release the bonnet? You may have to remember these vital details about your vehicle but luckily, you don’t need to remember the size of your tyres.

The long combination of letters and numbers, which relate to the tyre size you should be using, isn’t an easy thing to recall, not to mention where you can actually find it. read more »

Luxury Cars

Sponsored Video: Genesis G90 – A Luxury Sedan With Modern Style

The Genesis G90 is a new luxury vehicle suited for business and pleasure. The Genesis brand combines cutting-edge utility features with an aesthetically pleasing exterior to create a sedan that is the embodiment of luxury. read more »

General Luxury Cars

These Volkswagen Models Match Affordability with Safety

We won’t outright say carmakers put a price on safety, but let’s just say most carmakers don’t sell cars with top of the line safety features without upping the price. This is not the case with Volkswagen, a company with a reputation for providing safety at an affordable price. read more »