Honda Project Drive-In

America’s drive-in theaters are vanishing. All drive-in theaters must make the costly $75,000+ switch to digital projection by December 31 or go dark forever. One month ago, Honda started a movement to help preserve this treasured American icon. There are still over 140 that need America’s help. Visit  to contribute and help #SaveTheDriveIn.


Why are Young People More at Risk on the Road

Man driving a car

In 2011, more than one in three car occupants killed or seriously injured in a car accident were under the age of 25, according to the . Many of these would have been in cars driven by young drivers. So why are young people more at risk on the road? read more »


Most Ridiculous Number Plates Ever Registered


Novelty number plates: you either love them or hate them. For every person who sees a vanity plate as the perfect way to express themselves to their fellow commuters, there’s someone who feels it is a waste of good money that could have been spent on things like , repairs or fuel.

What can’t be denied, however, is that these novelty plates are worth big money – a quick glance through recent  reveals sales of up to an astonishing £15,000 for ‘AS11 LEY’ (perhaps a gift idea for a famously shy and retiring England and Chelsea defender?) or a staggering £36,000 for ‘HU11 CTY’. read more »