Motor accident checklist – ensure you do the right thing

With over 40,000 serious car accidents occurring on the UK’s roads each year, there’s a high likelihood that we all will been involved in one, however small, at some point in our lives. While we all hope that’s not the case, it’s important to know what to do when the worst does happen. The moments after a car accident are incredibly important. You may well be shocked, flustered, or at worse injured, but barring any serious incident, it’s incredibly important to make sure you do certain things to cover the costs, both human and financial, of the crash.

Make sure you’re safe

First and foremost, your personal safety must come first. Don’t make any sudden movements. You vehicle may now be vulnerable to other cars, so if you’re able to get out, then do so, staying aware of the traffic, and move yourself to a safer place on the roadside.

Make sure the other people are safe

Once again, once you’re sure that you’re OK, make sure you go to the other car to ensure that they are uninjured. Always maintain a high level of caution and only approach if it is safe to do so.

Call the relevant recovery/emergency services

If necessary, make sure to call either ambulance or vehicle recovery services as soon as possible. If someone has been injured, it’s imperative to get them to a paramedic as soon as possible. Likewise, for the safety of you and others, it’s important to have the vehicles removed from the road as soon as possible.

Inform the police

While it might seem excessive to call the police over a minor accident, this can have a major effect on your case when it comes to claiming insurance. It’s important that an accident report has been filed before you leave the scene. This will avoid any disputes by either the other drivers involved, or your insurance company.

Note down the number plates of the cars involved

In the event that an insurance claim needs to be made, this will allow you to trace other drivers. It’s essential that you take this information immediately AND not just because some drivers may attempt to drive away. Rather, in cases where no damage has been sustained by the car, drivers often leave without swapping details, but then find whiplash or other injuries set in at a later date. Taking their number plates will help should you wish to make a .

Swap other details with the drivers involved

Whether you were responsible for the accident, or it was another driver’s fault, make sure you swap essential information with them. This includes: car registration, vehicle identification number, address, telephone number and insurer. This information will all be needed when it comes to making an  from your insurer.

Call your insurer

Whether you do this at the scene of the accident, or immediately when you get home, it’s important to do so as soon as possible. It’s essential to clarify what you’re covered for, and make sure to stick to their rules. Many insurers will have their own recommended contractors for vehicle recovery and maintenance. You may find that any work organised without their approval won’t be covered. So make sure you check.

Follow these rules and you should give yourself the peace of mind to know that you’re safe, and so is your insurance policy. If it helps, keep this list in your car to help you remember in the heat of the moment. You won’t regret it.

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