Most Ridiculous Number Plates Ever Registered


Novelty number plates: you either love them or hate them. For every person who sees a vanity plate as the perfect way to express themselves to their fellow commuters, there’s someone who feels it is a waste of good money that could have been spent on things like Swiftcover Car Insurance, repairs or fuel.

What can’t be denied, however, is that these novelty plates are worth big money – a quick glance through recent DVLA auctions reveals sales of up to an astonishing £15,000 for ‘AS11 LEY’ (perhaps a gift idea for a famously shy and retiring England and Chelsea defender?) or a staggering £36,000 for ‘HU11 CTY’.

One enterprising soul has taken note of the lengths football fans will go to demonstrate their ‘passion’ (or maybe just their sur of money over sense) – restaurateur Steven Birch, inspired by an ‘EN61 AND’ plate selling for £15,600 last year, is selling the next best thing, an ‘EM61 AND’ registration to dedicated British patriots. Whether ‘Emgland’ fans are as willing to pay up as their English counterparts remains to be seen.

Personalised plates are certainly not strictly for football fans, though former The Only Way Is Essex personality Amy Childs says she had to outbid a Premiership footballer in order to get hers – Childs reportedly shelled out £80,000 for ‘WE11 JEL’ in honour of the ubiquitous Essex slang she helped popularise. She revealed the plate to her fans on Twitter last November, on her brand new Range Rover.

It appears those in search of something a bit more risqué might be out of luck, however, particularly due to the DVLA’s decision to ban certain registrations on the grounds of being too rude or offensive at the end of last year, in the interest of preserving good taste – though whether good taste is possible with a novelty number plate is another topic of debate!

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