Mobility Cars in the UK

Mobility Cars

Buying or leasing mobility cars is a lot easier these days, especially if you live in the UK. You can just browse the Internet to find several credible mobility car dealers that can offer the best deals in the market. However, if you plan to lease the car through Motability cars scheme, you need to know if you’re eligible with this particular program. Basically, you will need to have a disability living allowance of £51.40 per week before you are allowed to lease a Motability vehicle. But owning this type of vehicle is essential for disabled individuals, because it has provided them a convenient way to travel with their family, guardians or carers.

Wheelchair accessible cars can be driven by anyone in the family, but most of the time even wheelchair users can drive mobility vehicles. Although, it takes a bit of practice and some guidance from experienced drivers before they are allowed to drive their own vehicle. Wheelchair cars have changed the lives of thousands of disabled individuals and it gave them freedom to go out of their house whenever they want. They no longer need to hire a private ambulance or a wheelchair accessible cab.

Getting a mobility car is a big decision, but every family who has a disabled member should own this special purpose vehicle. It will surely make your travels more comfortable and a lot safer. Not to mention that you have the capability to bring everyone in the family wherever you go. Some Motability vehicles can even load up to 2 wheelchair users. However, before you decide to buy this particular car, you need to find a reputable car dealer who can offer you with the vehicle that is suitable for your family. Usually, credible dealers can offer a wide selection of mobility vehicles. This can range from compact disabled vehicles to multi-person vehicles (MPVs), in order to suit large families.

The good thing about these mobility cars is the fact that they were manufactured according to safety standards. So, every component on the vehicle was tested by its manufacturers. You can be sure that the support ramps and wheelchair harnesses are made from top quality materials. In the UK, there are several notable companies who are considered specialists in the field of mobility vehicles. One good example is Allied Mobility which was established in 1993. The company is now the leading supplier and manufacturer of special purpose vehicles. They are also the biggest supplier of wheelchair cars throughout the country.

So, if you’re planning to buy a mobility car or lease it through Motability Scheme, it would be wise to visit their website at to get more details.


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