MINI Floating Car Will Be Shown at Dad Vail Regatta

MINI Convertible Boat

This May 10 and 11, those who attend the 2013 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta can see something they couldn’t possibly expect: a Chili Red MINI Convertible that moves through the water of the Schuylkill River when the famous college and university rowing festival takes place. The event is sponsored by MINI and has taken place every year, except during World War II, since 1934.

The floating car is a specially made MINI Convertible that will visit Philadelphia for the first time. Visitors can see it all day on Friday and Saturday. This special vehicle was made by MINI USA Eastern Region during the “Not Normal” sales event that took place in October 2012.

Those who are wondering if they could buy such a car might be a bit disappointed, as it’s not for sale and MINI isn’t currently making any amphibious vehicles. The MINI Convertible that can be seen during the event if actually a mold made out of fiberglass and attached to a boat’s hull. It can move through the water thanks to a 6 horsepower outboard motor. Despite not being an actual car produced by MINI, it does feature authentic MINI parts, such as headlights, grille, badges and wheels. The contraption was built by Lancaster, Pennsylvania based ACI Composites Inc. One interesting feature is that it was designed in a way that lets the wheels run through the water, which makes it look like the car is actually able to drive on the river.

MINI will showcase some of its vehicles during the festival, which will be accompanied by their product specialists who can give more information about . Visitors can get the chance to win prizes by trying out their rowing skills in an ergometer contest staged by MINI.

There are over 35,000 people expected to attend the Dad Vail Regatta this year, which will feature 3,700 rowers coming from 127 colleges and universities.

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