Make Sure You Do The Right Things After An Accident

You may be a great driver, but that doesn’t mean that you can avoid road accidents. No matter how good your driving is road accidents do happen, whether it is because of a mistake you have made or the mistake of another driver. We have put together a guide to help you deal with the aftermath of a road accident, aimed to help minimise the additional stress of sorting everything out following the incident.

Keep an accident pack in the car – The best way to prepare for any eventualities is to keep an accident pack in your car at all times. Consider including a notebook and pen, a disposable camera and a phone charger. In the event of an accident make a sketch of the scene and/or take photos as well as noting as many details as you can such as street names, vehicle direction, skid marks, collision points and any damage caused.

Stay calm – Accidents do happen, so try to stay calm and not to lose your temper. Do not rush into admitting blame or offering any form of settlement at this stage, instead wait until you have received legal advice.

Stop at the scene – It is an offence not to stop at the scene of the accident if you have been involved. This is particularly important if the accident has caused injury to a person or damage to vehicles or property.

Report the incident – If your car hits a dog or a farm animal you are required by law to report the incident to the police. If, however, you hit a cat or a wild animal you are not obligated to report it, but you must make sure that the animal is not injured or suffering before you drive away.

Ensure that the scene is safe – To do this switch off all engines, turn on your hazard warning lights and attempt to alert oncoming traffic about the accident, without risking any danger to yourself.

Call 999 – Be sure to call 999 (or 112 from a mobile) immediately if anyone involved in the accident seems injured, if the collisions has caused a dangerous situation, or if someone leaves the scene without exchanging their details. Many people are unsure about ing the police, but it is important to call them in all cases. While the police don’t usually attend road traffic accidents where there are no injuries, it is still worth reporting the incident to them.

Take notes – Note down the names, addresses and vehicle registration numbers of anyone involved in the accident, including witnesses and passengers in the other vehicles involved. Consider noting down the make, model and colour of all the other vehicles involved as well. All drivers concerned must exchange details by law, including name, address, telephone numbers and insurance details. Remember to provide this information about yourself as well.

Notify your insurance company – You must notify your insurance company as soon as possible regarding any road accident or collision you are involved in, whether you are planning on making a road accident claim or not. Give them all the details you have collected, including notes, photos and sketches.

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  • Dan Tole
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    Another suggestion is to look for witnesses. A witness can tell the authorities what happened. If the accident wasn’t your fault, it will help to get this testimonial.

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