How to Save with a Brand New Car

2014 Chevrolet SparkEV

Buying a new car can be expensive, so many people look to make savings wherever they can. Some of these savings are not very hard to make and you might not have thought of them in the first instance. Brand new cars can be especially expensive, but there are little tips and tricks that you can make to help get a cheaper price. We give you some great hints and tips to getting a better deal on your brand new car purchase.

It may be worth considering paying in cash for your new car purchase. Although it seems like you are handing over an extremely large amount of money, this is actually one of the most stress free ways of purchasing a new car. Some car dealerships offer discounts to customers who pay by cash and you will also save a lot of money on interest.

It is a good idea to visit multiple dealers and find out what different prices are being offered on the same car.  The process of buying a car should not be rushed in any way. This is especially applicable to a brand new car purchase, when you are likely to be handing over a significant sum of your hard earned cash.

Whether you are purchasing a or a commercial van, doing your research beforehand can really help you to save money. Decide exactly what you want in your car. You will obviously have expectations and these need to be met, but by doing research beforehand you know how much the car is likely going to cost you. Car salesman will know if you are unprepared and they will try and take advantage of this. Do your research and go into a negotiation with the upper hand.

Try and negotiate the price with the dealership. Car dealerships, whether they are selling or hatchbacks, are obviously trying to make money – but some of their car prices will be negotiable. It doesn’t cost you anything to haggle and you may even end up making a saving and paying less than you expected in the first place.

Trade in your old vehicle with the dealership you are purchasing from. A good tip is to not tell the salesman that you want to trade in an old vehicle until you have reached a price on the new car. These are all great examples of how you can make savings on your brand new car purchase.

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