How to Protect Your Car from Rust this Winter

The colder winter months are almost upon us, and for drivers, it is a time where looking after their car has never been more essential. Cold climates can take their toll on cars, and during the winter months it’s easy for rust to develop on the bodywork of your car that could result in being costly to repair. However, the good news for those worried about their car’s bodywork rusting is that there are a number of ways in which you prevent it from happening in the first place. If you want to prevent your car from rusting this winter, read on for these top tips.

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Wash Your Car Often

Car washing isn’t just a task designed for the warmer summer months – it’s also absolutely vital to wash your car regularly during the winter if you want to help prevent rust from developing. Although you might not be too keen on the idea of getting out your soap bucket and hose pipe to wash your car on a chilly day, it’s important to ensure that your car is just as clean and sparkling in the winter as it is in summer. If the idea of washing the car yourself in the winter is already making you shiver, find a good car wash facility, or even pay a teenager some pocket money to do it for you! You should be aiming to wash your car around once every two weeks, or more regularly if the weather is wet and there is salt on the roads. At least every 3-4 months you should also wax your car. Applying a rust protection spray is also a good idea, and you can buy this at stores.

Keep the Interior Clean

You might not realize it, but leaving rubbish and other items inside of your car can also lead to rusting from the inside, especially if any liquid spills are caused. Old coffee cups, water bottles, and other bits and bobs that you’ll probably find stuffed down a seat in your car somewhere can also be contribution to a rust problem. For this reason, it’s important that you regularly of your car out as well as the exterior, and when you return from a journey it’s essential that you remove all rubbish when you return and throw it in the trash instead of leaving it in your car.

Underside and Wheels

When the roads are full of salt in the winter, this gets picked up by your wheels and is transferred to the underside of your car, an issue when can quickly cause rusting. Most rust occurs in winter because of the salt, so it’s even more vital during the winter months that you clean the wheels and underside of your car near the regularly. You should aim to do this each time you give your car a full wash, and after any long journey where you have traveled on gritted or salty roads.

Safe driving this winter!

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