How to Import Cars from Japan to the UK

Toyota Aqua

Are you thinking: Import a car from Japan? Ohhhh no. Waaaay too much trouble. Well, think again!

The biggest hassle with buying a car from a Japan auction was getting it here. That is no longer the case. Importing a vehicle directly from a Japanese auction has never been easier. It’s also financial rewarding!


Buying a car out of Japan is a practical move. They drive on the left so vehicles tend to have right hand drive, the same as in the United Kingdom. The distinction is in the use pattern between our vehicles. Japanese drivers face urban speed limits of 40 km/h with heavy congestion on the roads. On average, that’s half the annual mileage a U.K. driver burns. That means compared to comparable autos in the U.K., there are a large number of available Japanese cars in great condition with relative low mileage. This is based on a year-to-year basis.

The process of importing a vehicle from Japan to the U.K. is fairly simple. The entire transaction start to finish could take five to six weeks. But you will have the car of your dreams for the rest of your life! And here is how it goes:

1. When you are ready to move ahead, supply a reliable import comany with all the vitals and other details concerning the vehicle and your budget. Trained staff will begin the process of sourcing auctions for the car that fits your description. Hopefully they will do their best to locate the best car that comes closest to matching your ideal vehicle. The final decision will, of course, be yours.

You also have the option to select a car from personal stock. Many importers have a great inventory of sleek, well maintained cars.

2. Once the appropriate car has been located, the company should you promptly. They’ll provide full descriptions, including auction reports, details of our inspection, as well as start and expected finishing price. You’ll review the information, eventually letting them know if you’d like to bid and what your ceiling on the bid will be. (Please note that a trustworthy importer would NEVER bid on any vehicle without your explicitly given approval and predetermined budget.) Also, make sure the company .

3. The moment the vehicle has been purchased from auction on your behalf, an invoice and photographs will be shipped your way within 24 hours. Pay the FOB price (ex Japan) directly to the importer’s Japanese back account within two business days. After which, all paperwork necessary to complete the export will be expedited. Your car will then be transported to the wharf for shipping to your nearest United Kingdom port. Your vehicle is most of the time on the very first ship available  — from experience, that may be anywhere between 10 and 15 days after the purchase.

It’s a streamlined, stress free cycle with the import firm doing the majority of the work.

Are you ready to hit the road in your dream car?

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