How to Avoid the Risks of Summer Driving

After the unpredictable weather and long, dark nights of winter, summer seems like a far safer season to be driving. Dry roads and more daylight bring safer driving conditions – or do they? Avoiding the risks of summer driving will ensure you can continue to enjoy your driving, and cheaper car insurance, all year round.

Remember, it does still rain in summer. When rain follows a long spell of dry weather, the accumulated dust on the road surface can turn into a slippery slick.

Long hours of daylight, and the need to reach holiday destinations, can mean you spend longer at the wheel than you should. On long drives, take a break every two hours to keep fatigue at bay. Make sure you take in enough fluids to stay hydrated, too. Travelling with the whole family in the car can be distracting, so try to stay focused on your driving.

Summer brings more road users out and about, increasing the chances of an incident. Watch out for walkers, runners, horse riders and cyclists. Motorcyclists, too, will be out in greater numbers, many of them riding for the first time this year after keeping their bikes garaged over the winter. Make room for all these vulnerable groups.

There will be more cars on the road, too, and you can expect queues on major routes. Leave a gap between your car and the car in front, even in stationary traffic, to minimise the risk of a collision.

Are you covered for driving abroad? Check the details of your policy and shop around for if necessary, to ensure your holiday driving is free from worry.

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